Buying Property

What can you afford to buy?

We can help you understand the costs involved in buying at this very early stage and by assessing your personal circumstances we can guide you towards an affordable goal by providing you with an idea what mortgage is available to you and the cost of this mortgage. Of course, the mortgage is not the only expense you will have on a monthly basis, so we will run through with you all the anticipated costs. Whatever your circumstances, if it is possible, we can find the right Mortgage for you, because we have access to the 'Whole of the market' and therefore the access to solutions to suit everyone.

Perhaps the most important factor in buying a house is being able to afford the purchase. Whilst it makes sense to carry out your own research of the price of properties within the areas you would like to live in, there is no point in making offers on a property that you really don’t know that you can afford.

Many Estate Agents will want to know that you are pre-approved for a mortgage before taking your offers on property seriously. We can prepare this for you following our initial discussions.

Instructing a Solicitor

Solicitors are there to ensure that the property you are purchasing is free from any legal pitfalls that could undermine the security of your property by carrying out the necessary searches on the property, but also to advise you of your legal obligations and any legal implications you need to be made aware of.

Once the above stage has been completed you will be guided towards exchange of contracts where contracts are drawn up and exchanged with the vendors solicitors. It is at this point where you are legally bound to purchase the property and a completion date set for the date you finally receive the keys to your new home.

Ideally, you should use a solicitor recommended to you, and don’t be afraid to ask questions on the fees involved in the legal process. You will receive confirmation of these costs and you will be asked to sign acceptance of these costs.